Blazing a Path Toward Retirement

About US

Passionate as we help employers offer their
employees better retirement plans, Alliant has
guided sponsors in every plan area for more than a
decade. We tailor our expertise to each company’s unique needs.

How We Help

Each aspect of your retirement plan becomes easier to manage when you work with Alliant. We consult with employers in all plan areas and provide individual guidance to your employees to help them better save and plan for their future.


Offering a retirement plan is not a walk in the park. Alliant endeavors to deliver resources that educate and empower you to implement best practices and better serve your employees.

Your employees are looking for retirement help

Four in five employees indicate they want benefits more than a pay raise.
401(k) retirement plans rank in the top five requested benefits.
Nearly 8 in 10 want a slight to strong nudge from their employers.
Employees welcome auto features, with more than 70% supporting auto enrollment.
Employees want help saving.
Three in four participants would find it attractive if their employers offered holistic financial advice.

Inspiring savings

Each day, Alliant Qualified Plans strives to improve the journey from employee to retiree. We do this by partnering with employers to implement workplace plans that inspire savings and help employees pursue retirement readiness.

Types of retirement plans

401(k) Plans
403(b) Plans
401(a) Plans

Profit Sharing Plans
457(b) Non-Profit Plans
Safe Harbor Plans

Cash Balance Plans
Cross-tested Plans
Prevailing Wage/SCA Plans