Our Qualified Plans Division specializes in the issues employers face as they sponsor retirement plans and provides guidance in all plan areas. We provide better plan investments and professional investment management to help participants be properly invested for retirement. We mitigate risk for plan sponsors because we’re able to serve as THE Fiduciary Investment Manager to their plan (instead of them).
Our plans aren’t limited to a proprietary fund line-up. We have unlimited access to low-fee institutional and exchange-traded funds, and we select those investments for our plans that demonstrate the greatest likelihood of outperforming their peers. Proprietary fund providers may specialize in some asset class areas, but it’s unlikely a single provider can offer top-notch funds in all areas. Where they don’t, a proprietary platform may offer funds from another fund family but tack on an additional fee, which reduces the investment performance of those funds for your participants.
Alliant Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor. RIAs are a small minority within the financial services industry and have a legal obligation to act in their clients’ best interests. They receive no fees from the investments they recommend, so they are not influenced to recommend a fund because it pays a higher fee or a commission. RIAs are free from the conflicts of interest associated with traditional brokers and advisors who accept such fees.
Alliant Qualified Plans services many client types – technology firms and small manufacturers, banks and professional service firms, government contractors and nonprofit organizations. Our clients represent employers who want excellent 401(k) and 403(b) plans, who want to help their employees build successfully toward retirement, and who are concerned about fiduciary risk and conscientious about compliance issues. We have plans for small and large employers.
Alliant Qualified Plans provides professional investment management and individual guidance for plan participants. Using our plans’ better funds, we construct, monitor and rebalance asset allocation model portfolios. Plan participants may choose to be invested in one of the model portfolios and thus benefit from the same kind of investment management principles normally available to high net-worth individuals working with an investment advisor. Alliant professional advisors guide participants as they select the model portfolio that best meets their retirement plan goals and are available by appointment at any time during the life of your plan.
The pricing of our retirement plans is not only competitive, it is also carefully structured to be understandable and defensible. The only compensation Alliant receives comes directly from your retirement plan, in a fully transparent, fee-only arrangement. We receive no third-party commissions for recommending one product over another (or for any other purpose). We also keep an eye on the costs being incurred at the fund level, seeking low fee institutional and exchange-traded funds. Unlike many so-called bundled providers, who limit available funds to those that meet the providers’ fee-sharing arrangements, we subject ourselves and you to no such restrictions. We also avoid selecting funds that have what we deem to be unnecessary and/or confusing costs, such as 12b-1 fees and sub-transfer agency fees.