Q4 Newsletter: Strategic Thinking Edition

As we begin to say goodbye to 2021, let’s look forward to the new year by addressing employee financial habits after COVID, how a K-shape economy is impacting your workplace and how your retirement plan committee plays an important role in helping employees pursue retirement plan goals.

Explore these topics and their implications for employers in helping employees save in the Q4 Newsletter – Strategic Thinking for Plan Sponsors.

Plan Sponsor Newsletter: Strategic Thinking



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Re-Enrolling the Enrolled

August 20, 2017—Employers who hope to positively impact their worker’s lives in retirement know they have a few levers to pull. Getting as many employees as possible into the plan is an obvious step, as is increasing deferral rates, and including the best investment options possible.

But what if you achieve all three objectives through thoughtful plan design and investment selection, yet your employees don’t invest properly? It is a self-directed plan after all.

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