Year End Wrap-up: Evaluating Your Company’s Retirement Plan

With Cycle 3 deadlines fast approaching, now is a great time to review your retirement plan. Measuring your retirement plan’s data provides key information to help increase its competitiveness, which can be extremely helpful in today’s labor market.

Benchmarking is a way to determine your retirement plan’s effectiveness. As relevant data is gathered, you can compare your plan to others of a similar size in your industry. Comparing your plan regularly can help identify more opportunities for improvement.

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Get Smart . . . To Achieve Retire-ability

August 13, 2018—We’ve been talking about the way a 401(k) plan can be a great benefit for employers. By building employees’ financial confidence and increasing their ability to retire on time, organizations reduce the workplace distractions that result when employees are financially stressed. They also decrease the future potential for the higher salary and benefits costs that occur when employees work past retirement.

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